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How to Convert PDF to Image - Enjoy Images from PDF Files

Owing to its unique feature of supporting multi-platform, PDF becomes more and more popular. However, have you ever met with such accident as follow? You find some striking or useful images on line but can not download them directly to your player because it is PDF document. If so, what will you do? If you want to share it to the public, it doesn’t matter to print it for appreciation. What if you only desire to store it to your portable player or use it as the background of your e-book? I recommend you a newly-released product--Tigard PDF Converter Platinum.

Tigard Converter Platinum is an almighty competent PDF converter which can help you convert PDF files to image.The following is the step-by-step guide for you to know how to convert PDF document to images.

How to convert PDF files to image

Step 1: Launch the software
Download Tipard PDF converter platinum, install and run it. Then an interfaceinterface
will show up like this.

Step 2: Add PDF files
Click the button of "Add File"add file to browse your computer and import the PDF files you want.

Step 3: Choose and set
Choose the page you want to convert and the output format of the documentoption page image.

Step 4: Convert files
Press the button of "Convert" convertto convert your files.
You can press "Open" buttonopen if you want to find your image immediately after conversion.


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